Leathers & Warranty


We use only first class real Italian leather selected by our highly experienced staff and dyed exclusively in the North of Italy, Vicenza and Arzignano.
We choose only the perfect leather hides for the upholstery of our furniture and do not allow even for the smallest discoloration or any other defects.
Our materials are extremely durable, flame and stain resistant, they will not tear, lose color or fade in the sun.
All our leathers are easy to clean and can be washed with neutral soap.
Not a single sofa is shipped to the customer from our factories before it is tested to perfection by our upholstery staff.


Class A - Italian High Quality Leather

High quality Italian leather (pelle smerigliata). Very durable, elegant and soft to the touch, easy to clean. Thickness 0.027''/ 0.033''. Its main feature is its lightness and the characteristic soft sense of touch, as a result of the dyeing with natural anilines and the process of finishing with water. This process is carried out with full respect for humans and the environment.

Class B - Italian HQ Leather Double Thickness

Same characteristics as above, but much thicker (0.059''/ 0.067'') and with more intense skin lines. Recommended for families with children or pets. Price: + 15%. The use of natural anilines has created a soft, silky skin with a really pleasant texture.

Class BB - Italian HQ Leather in triple thickness Jumbo

Same characteristics as Double Thickness, but with major thickness (0.074''/ 0.087'') and with more intense skin lines. Price: + 25%.

Class AA - Natural Leather

Thick skin 0.051'' / 0.059''. Very gentle to the touch that leaves a pleasant feeling. The lines of the skin are less visible and almost smooth. Recommended if you want to give a special look to your space. Price: + 25%. The name itself (NATURAL) ideally expresses the main and fundamental characteristics of the skin: NATURALITY and SOFTNESS. Precisely applying a treatment process rich in refreshing ingredients, NATURAL leather emerges as a very soft fabric with a pleasant touch. Thanks to the treatment of the texture and the use of selected pigments, it is possible to create skin with a very soft and durable layer of protection and with a unique, natural look. The main feature that distinguishes it from almost all furniture skins is the complete lack of mechanical processes during processing: the texture of NATURAL comes from the processing process it undergoes, characteristic of thick skins. This process is carried out with full respect for humans and the environment.

Class C - Buffalo Leather

Beautiful, thick and slightly shiny skin. The radiance of the skin gives a particularly shiny look. Highly recommended for modern and contemporary living rooms. Thickness 0,059''. Price: + 25%.

Class E - Leather 'Terra'

Shiny and soft: It invests with perfection, intense, rough, textured surface, thickness 0.059''/ 0.067'', price + 40%. It comes from the evolution of the skin that is more commonly known as natural granular with the following main characteristics: soft texture (thanks to its processing) and discreetly uniform appearance that makes it particularly pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the new finishing processes, the most important innovation is the transparent, glossy vintage look that characterizes natural aniline leathers. At the same time, it also has good abrasion and maintenance resistance. It combines the natural, radiant appearance of a natural skin and the durability of colored skins.

Class E - Leather 'Maya'

Nabuck velvet surface for a very pleasant and gentle touch, thickness 0.039'', price + 40%. MAYA leather type reflects the trend already applied in fashion circles that combines modern stylistic needs with vintage outdated style and looks like an old, soft jeans that we wear comfortably in any occasion. The soft texture of the fabric is achieved through a special treatment that makes the skin enhanced, with a very natural elegant look. With a wax-based and aniline-based finish applied to the lines and further processed with light abrasion, we manage to obtain this characteristic worn-out look and the pleasant velvety feel to the touch, which fits perfectly on the lines of your sofa, like a soft, old, warm clothing. The final processing step is a process called Idra and makes the surface of the product slightly protected. MAYA leather thanks to its softness, velvety texture and vintage style ideally dresses any model of sofa, from classic lines to modern design furniture. It is also used to create bags and accessories. The range of colors has been carefully selected to combine the NEW ERA with many different styles and aiming to understand and satisfy in the best possible way the increasingly selective aesthetics of our customers.

Class D - Old Style Savage Leather

Wonderfully soft to the touch and extremely durable skin. Ideal to give each sofa a beautiful vintage look, with a choice of authentic colors. Thickness 0.039'', price + 30%

Class F - Full Aniline Vintage Leather

The top skin. Full Vintage, soft and durable, thick and wonderful. Variety of very special colors. Used to create fantastic modern leather sofas, giving your room an extremely elegant feel. Thickness 0,059'', price + 50%. This type of skin is achieved by special treatment and the use of vegetable tannins. The skin is further strengthened with the use of wax and paraffins that fully respect the skin, allowing the "perfection of naturalness" to be highlighted. The skin has a very enhanced texture that gives it the typical appearance of "aged skin" and thanks to the natural treatment, small "imperfections" are deliberately emphasized in the lines of the skin that guarantee its naturalness and make it more luxurious. Thanks to the carefully selected range of colors, we combine the classic nature of the product with the most modern styles. VINTAGE leather type, in addition to furniture, is also suitable for use in high quality leather goods.


Living Room Technical Specifications

FRAME: Made of beech, fir, plywood and particle board. Arms and back are covered with masonite.

TIRE: Polyurethane rubber, high durability and quality, offers long life. The seat cushions are made of rubber 30/35 kg / m3, the back 18/25 kg / m3 for greater comfort and relaxation.

FEET: Made of metal, plastic and / or wood depending on the model.

PACKAGING: Double package: the first layer with airball packaging, 5 mm thick, the second cover, with plastic-heavy nylon 3 mm of high strength and protection.

Leather Sofa Maintenance

Maintaining a leather sofa is not difficult:

By taking a few simple precautions, the benefits of investing will be kept intact for many years.

Keep the sofa away from direct light and heat sources, for example, this will keep it intact.

All causes of discoloration.

Also, ventilate the area on rainy and humid days to allow the lining to breathe.

Then the skin is very easy to clean: Dust with a soft, dry cloth, Then every week apply a damp cloth lightly moistened with a mild soap.

Then just wipe with a dry cloth to ensure a longer life on your couch.

Salon guarantee

Our living rooms have a 5-year warranty, provided they are used properly. The guarantee concerns free materials and labor, while the customer pays only for shipping. We also replace all living rooms that have construction defects and / or upholstery defects (leather, frame, filling).

Salon repair

We repair all our living rooms that have been damaged by children and / or pets, (even after two years) with a small repair cost consisting of:

- The cost of raw materials,
- The cost of transportation.

You will not pay the cost of repair (only applies to our sofas).