Class A - Italian High Quality Leather

Our standard offer. High quality full grain Italian emery leather (pelle smerigliata), thickness 0.027''/0.033''. Very resistant, smooth to the touch, and easy to clean even when stained. Regular price

Class B - HQ Leather Double Thickness

High quality full grain Italian double thick leather (pelle spessorata), thickness 0.059''/ 0.067''. Exceptionally strong, grains are more visible, recommended for large families with pets. Regular price +15%

Class BB - Italian HQ Leather in triple thickness Jumbo

Same characteristics as Leather Class B, but with major thickness: 0.074''/ 0.087''. Regular price +25%

Class AA - Natural Leather

Thick leather 1.3 - 1.5mm. Very gentle to the touch that leaves a pleasant feeling. The lines of the skin are less visible and almost smooth. Recommended if you want to give a special look to your space. Price: + 25%. The name itself (NATURAL) ideally expresses the main and fundamental characteristics of the skin: NATURALITY and SOFTNESS. Precisely applying a treatment process rich in refreshing ingredients, NATURAL skin emerges as a very soft fabric with a pleasant touch. Thanks to the treatment of the texture and the use of selected pigments, it is possible to create skin with a very soft and durable layer of protection and with a unique, natural look. The main feature that distinguishes it from almost all furniture skins is the complete lack of mechanical processes during processing: the texture of NATURAL comes from the processing process it undergoes, characteristic of thick skins. This process is carried out with full respect for humans and the environment.

Class C - Buffalo Leather

Beautiful, thick and slightly shiny leather with an orange peel pattern. The shine of the leather gives the sofa an especially excellent look. Highly suggested for modern and contemporary interiors. Thickness 0,059''. Regular price +25%

Class D - Old Style Savage Leather

Here’s the deal! Wonderful soft to the touch and highly resistant leather. Great for giving any couch a beautiful vintage look enhanced by a versatile choice of original colours. Thickness 0.039''. Regular price +30%

Class E - Leather 'Terra'

Shiny and soft: It invests with perfection, intense, rough, textured surface, thickness 1.4 - 1.7 mm, price + 40%. It comes from the evolution of the skin that is more commonly known as natural granular with the following main characteristics: soft texture (thanks to its processing) and discreetly uniform appearance that makes it particularly pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the new finishing processes, the most important innovation is the transparent, glossy vintage look that characterizes natural aniline leathers. At the same time, it also has good abrasion and maintenance resistance. It combines the natural, radiant appearance of a natural skin and the durability of colored skins.

Class E - Leather 'Maya'

Very smooth leather with touch like velvet. Same quality of Nabuck leather. Thickness 0,039''. Regular price +40%

Class F - Full Aniline Vintage Leather

Beautiful top of the line leather. Highly recommended. Smooth and resistant, thick but lovely. This leather designed in a variety of very special colours is used to create fantastic modern leather sofas giving your room an exceptionally elegant feel. Thickness 0,059''. Regular price +50%